Da Nang – Day 4 of extreme lockdown

August 19, 2021

This article explores the 7 hermetic principles or also called the 7 laws of the universe. It is a brief introduction and overview of the hermetic teachings that are at the core of the book The Kybalion which originated in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Never would have thought to experience a situation like this. Not sure how lockdown was in other countries but we’re not even allowed to leave the house and buy food for 7 days in Da Nang now.

I saw trucks coming into our street last night unloading food. It’s bizaarr. For my entire life, I never had to worry about food or drinking water. But that strange feeling of lack and worry came up in the last few days when experiencing Vietnam going into this covid-battle-mode.

Growing up in a developed country, we take basic things like food and drinking water absolutely for granted.

7 days may not sound long, but the city is ready to extend this if cases don’t improve in the next few days. The question is, do they let people go out for a day to buy food? = absolute chaos?

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