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Ms. Moon ordered 100pcs of bread and shared it with us and neighbors. What a nice gesture of generosity. The universe will return the love.


Spantanous Covid testing for foreigners…

I thought I would get away with it this year. Or at least only do it once before I leave. But out of the sudden, all foreigners had to test last friday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered from last year. I still don’t like people sticking anything into my noise though. Fun fact, I had to go through almost on the same day last year.


Is it really because of Covid?

We live in a bizarre world. Ho Chi Minh City activated the military to support the city for the 24/7 curfew and lockdown starting next week. We see military in different countries like Australia also.

At this point in time, I wonder if it’s really just because of Covid? Are guns bettter than the mystery jab now?


Da Nang – Day 4 of extreme lockdown

Never would have thought to experience a situation like this. Not sure how lockdown was in other countries but we’re not even allowed to leave the house and buy food for 7 days in Da Nang now.

I saw trucks coming into our street last night unloading food. It’s bizaarr. For my entire life, I never had to worry about food or drinking water. But that strange feeling of lack and worry came up in the last few days when experiencing Vietnam going into this covid-battle-mode.

Growing up in a developed country, we take basic things like food and drinking water absolutely for granted.

7 days may not sound long, but the city is ready to extend this if cases don’t improve in the next few days. The question is, do they let people go out for a day to buy food? = absolute chaos?


Watch America over the next few months…the world will follow.


Reverting 90% back to a pliant based diet…

For the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’m embracing the vegan diet (again). I’m grateful to be part of the family now and enjoying my lunch and dinner with Ms Moons family. In the last weeks I’ve only eaten meat once (spaghetti). I don’t feel a big change since my diet was pretty much balanced before already. But some of the hotel staff lost 4kg. In general, the meals are pretty diverse. The only thing I would change is the amount of protein. For the most part, it is a lot of carbs and veggies with soup and dipping sauces on the side. But honestly, this is how we used to eat in Asia before meat consumption skyrocketed.


Da Nang Ghost town

One of the few moments during the week when I can actually go outside and get groceries. The streets are dead. While I used to complain about all the constructions before, now I kinda wish they were back because it makes me feel like everything is OK.


My work space during lockdown

Da Nang has been in lockdown since forever and there is no end in sight. I’m grateful to live in a safe apartment building with a coffee place downstairs. During these times, I’m the only one using it. I really wonder how the other guests can spend weeks in their rooms without going nuts 🤔

While I enjoy the peace, sometimes it feels a bit lonely…


It’s official… my Oura Ring has become totally useless…

It lasted for 2 years. But now the battery can’t even hold up for 1 night anymore which makes sleep tracking impossible. Unless I sleep only 5h a night.

Oura has been great with sending a replacement… to my family in Germany, but not to Vietnam where I need it right now. Vietnam is not on their list to ship.

Well, it looks like I have to sleep like any other normal person from now on. Without the need to check my stats every morning and see how I slept. Instead, I need to rely on my freaking body to tell me. 😏


Practicing Out-of-Body experience…

6:00am is when I’m best at lucid dreaming. Woke up this morning and went back to sleep again. Had multiple instances where I felt that I came out of my body. I could move my hands and feel the energy, yet my body was asleep. The vision is usually blurry and dark. I guess it gets better with practice. looked back and felt like I could see myself sleeping. But couldn’t see clearly. The room was also slightly different. mhhhh


Filling up my Bible…

I bought a new journal. I wanted one that has slightly more pages than the usual fancy notebooks. You know, the ones that run out of pages quickly so you have to buy new ones from the same brand to make the series look nice. Mine didn’t look quite as thick on the photos. In person, it looks like the Bible. Well, I better get started filling it up so I can finish it before leaving this planet.


Netflix prepping mass consciousness for disclosure now?… 🤔

Just saw this popping up on my Netflix feed. And I don’t mean Paris Hilton’s new cooking series.

Haven’t watched it yet but it’s an interesting timing overall…

Not expecting much details to be disclosed to be honest. Let’s see.

Will update after the first episode…