What is it?

A great product or service should be designed in a way, that it is accessible by as many people as possible without the need for modification.

There are four characteristics for creating accessible products or services:


If the purpose and the usability of a product or service can be perceived from people, regardless of age, gender, cultural background , then perceptibility is achieved. Hints: Legibility, Iconography, Tactile feedback

Is achieve when people regardless physical limitations can interaction with the product or service. Hints: Affordance, Signifiers, Constraints

When everyone can easily understand the design regardless of previous education, experiences, literacy or concentration level. Hints: Remove unneccesary elements, Consistency, Remove level of Complexity, Feedback

Minimizing errors and giving the possibility to reverse actions.
Hints: Undo actions, Use of clear affordances, Confirmations, Legibility


Why is it important?

Products with low accessibility will limit the use to a smaller group of people.