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The 7 Laws of the Universe The Hermetic Principles cover

The Hermetic Principles – The 7 Laws of the Universe

This article explores the 7 hermetic principles or also called the 7 laws of the universe. It is a brief introduction and overview of the hermetic teachings that are at the core of the book The Kybalion which originated in ancient Egypt and Greece.
Startup vs lifestyle business

Startup vs Lifestyle Business – Which One Is Healthier For You?

One of the most desired achievements for young people nowadays is to build their own Startup. Silicon Valley has managed to create a tremendous following in recent years. But is a Startup for everyone? In this article, I want to show you why the Startup world creates endless shiny object syndromes with empty promises and why it may be smarter to build a lifestyle business.

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leaving vietnam during covid cover

My Experience of Leaving Vietnam During Covid in a 📸 Photo Journal

For over a year now, Vietnam has been an amazing place to be. The impact of the pandemic was almost negligible and life has been pretty much normal. Sadly, everything turned around very quickly in May and after Andrea left, it was also time for me to prepare my exit. In this photo journal, I want to share my experience of leaving the country during the strictest lock down measures.
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Stuck in Vietnam…

This is a quick life update from Da Nang, Vietnam. My life has been a bit up and down in recent weeks. Da Nang is in lockdown mood…

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