Last weekend, Andrea and I went on a little weekend trip. We’ve been in Da Nang since May now and so many times we’ve been planning to go to Cham Island.

But timing was never right and during the hot summer month, so many tourists flocked to Da Nang and the heat was unbearable during the day, so we decided to postpone our trip for later. And then lockdown happened.

After being in lockdown for over a month, we craved freedom and adventure.

It was the perfect timing for us because the temperature was nice and only little tourists left. It felt like we had the island for ourselves.

Watch my latest video of our trip so you can get a better impression for Cham Island.

In short, this is what makes Cham Island great in my opinion:

  • It is not far from Da Nang & Hoi An and makes it perfect for a weekend trip
  • The island is very small and easy to explore
  • People are super friendly and not needy to sell you anything
  • The seafood is fantastic
  • Prices for food and accommodation are very reasonable
  • The island is not too far from the mainland and so you still have great internet connection in case you want o change your office environment
  • The beaches and the water are crystal clear which is nice for diving and snorkeling
  • Marine life is still existent and vibrant
  • Life is very slow and makes it perfect if you need to relax and escape the busy worklife