In this article I want to talk about promotions and how many people are chasing promotions just for the sake of money.

There are lots of reasons why people aim for a promotion, however, the greatest motivation in my opinion is Money.
Money defines our daily lives in almost every aspect.

It decides how we live, where we go, what we eat, what kind of people we surround ourselves with and how we appear to the outside world.

We just want to live a great life, spend more time with family and worry less. And therefore we need more money. Every once in a while.

However, what I tend to observe in the past, was that people tend to get too hung up on money. Being very miserable if they don’t get promoted every year, almost to a certain point where they got angry.

Yet, many people demand higher salary although their output is mostly the same.

They simply focus on the wrong things that won’t get them anywhere long term.

In the following, I want to state exactly why you shouldn’t be focused on just getting promoted for the sake of money and how you need to shift your focus to succeed long term and make money come to you.

You lose focus on your mission

The most problematic reason I see, is that you tend to lose focus on who you really are. Your values, your personal goals.

It is very surprising to see that many are very excited after university. Finally getting out, earning the first money and most importantly: the urge to make an impact and changing the world.

Yet, after a while sobriety sets in. After a couple of years into the journey, everyone starts to realize that making an impact is not so easy. It is very hard to keep the energy up and fight for everything all the time.

For that reason you tend to get comfortable and comply with whatever comes. Time becomes the ultimate measurement for success and you think that if you stay long enough with a company, you just DESERVE a promotion.

And in case not, you just change the company. Because changing companies brings in more money and a fancy new title.

You start to lose focus on your personal mission because you look where the most money is.

You start to please everyone but yourself

If you’ve ever watched bad TV (I’m sure you did at some point) you know what people would do for money. Almost every thing you can imagine.

Sure, in daily life you won’t see those extremes but even in a subtly way, you can observe that many people would sell their soul for a bit more money.

You think that in order to get promoted you need to please others.

Say YES to everyone and everything in order not to be marked as the trouble maker.

Your managers will start to love you for this and the more you comply the higher the chances for a promotion.

You put on a facade that covers your insecurity in hope that no one will notice and think you are a smart and pleasing person who deserves more money.

But in reality, your self esteem will start to dissolve slowly and over time it will become very hard to rebuild.

That is why, stand your fucking ground and learn to say NO.

You attract negative energy…

With every day you being miserable and spending time thinking about your next promotion, you will start to create an attitude of resistance. Tasks are getting more hard to accomplish because all you can think of, is when the next promotion is finally happening.

Unsatisfying and meaningless tasks start to contribute to your unhappiness.

You are not willing to put in overtime to get the job done because you think you won’t get paid anyway. And the company doesn’t deserve your precious time if they don’t value your work.

But developing a resistant and negative attitude will not make it better. It makes it worse because you end up in a downward spiral which is hard to escape.

The universe will give you what you ask for. If you create negative energy, you will end up attracting more.

… and spread it to people around you

By being miserable you will also make other people around you feel miserable because you tend to complain more.

At work you will talk to other people how bad the company is treating you by not giving what you want. At home, you share your negative experience with your partner in hope that he or she will make you feel better by tapping you on the shoulder.

In reality, it only makes you more unattractive because no one wants to be around someone who is constantly miserable and complaining.All these things mentioned above will have a negative impact on your life. You would think that you create a better life for yourself by chasing a promotion for the sake of money but the opposite is true.
Therefore, I can only recommend you to do the following:

1. Find your mission

Ultimately, a mission in life is what brings you forward!

Not the monthly paycheck and not the nice and fancy car.

A mission will create a fulfilled life. Not the money. It will give you the purpose to get up every day. It will make you overcome the hard parts of life and keep you moving forward. If you find your purpose in life and put everything into pursuing it, money will come to you.

2. Show gratitude

There is a big difference between always striving for the best and constantly looking for happiness.

The first one is your motivation to become the best version of yourself whereas the second is being miserable about yuor current situation.

Therefore you need to look at your life and be happy with what you have. If you start to think more positive, you will get more of that. Promised! However, don’t settle ?

3. Be yourself

If you don’t stay true to yourself, you will not be able to look into the mirror. Whereas, if you are yourself in every situation in life, it will create confidence.

And having more confidence, will let you walk taller through life. You will attract more positive energy, people learn to trust you because you have integrity. In the end they will respect you.

Don’t be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you.

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