Everything comes to an end at some point and so does my time in Australia.

This is my last week in Sydney and we are about to wrap things up before all team members are heading back to their home countries.

I can’t state enough how grateful I am for having this opportunity. Although work was not always exciting and still isn’t, life outside of work has been pretty amazing. This lovely city just grew on me, that it creates some empty space in my heart when I am thinking about leaving.

Unfortunately things always come to an end when it’s gets most exciting.

I slowly began to enjoy life more and more and getting some routine into my life and now I have to leave.

But on the other hand I feel happy to move forward and take some time off to use my mental capacity and work on my side hustle.

What’s happening after Sydney?

At first I was thinking about traveling to New Zealand because it supposed to be a very beautiful country and if you are already that close you have no other choice.

Actually this idea was really tempting to me but I decided to head the other direction and will spend a month in Vietnam instead for several reasons.

First, I need to sort things out for my business. I recently launched a one-page product website for my new product (www.vinabrew.com). It is very exhausting building a side hustle so I will try to make the best use of my “time off” to work on my business and try to push it forward. I need to find a manufacturer for my product and hope to have some luck in Vietnam.

Second, saving money. Well, some might think that you should enjoy life now and worry about money later which I agree to a certain degree. If you want to build a business, cash is king and you need to keep an eye on your finances. The reason why I chose Vietnam over New Zealand was that I my company is paying for the plane ticket for my way home from Sydney to Munich. The beauty is that it doesn’t matter where they layover is and therefore I could chose Hanoi for it. Since I got family in Hanoi I can almost spend zero money on accommodation and focus on my business instead. Also Asia compared to New Zealand is ridiculously cheap and if I decide to take some vacation, I can get a cheap ticket somewhere else (somewhere warm and cozy :)).

It sounds very stingy but the brutal reality is that you have to make sacrifices now in order to enjoy later.

I believe that once I created my passive income streams, I will be able to go to New Zealand or anywhere in the world without worrying about taking enough vacation or having enough cash.

It looks very likely that I will fly back to Europe to enjoy the beautiful summer in Munich. Luckily summer in europe is not as bad as in Asia so I am kinda looking forward to that as well.

Although I love traveling it is good to have some routine in life at some point and not always moving from place to place.

I feel that I will progress a lot faster with my side hustles when I am back home and I will keep you guys updated about that so stay tuned.