Making In-Door Air Meaningful

About the project

We need it in order to survive but never spent time thinking about it: Fresh Air is as essential to living a healthy life as eating healthy or working out.

Air has great impact on our daily well-being and in collaboration with Bosch, we designed a system that not only monitors the smoke level in your apartment but also measure the air quality.

Besides the fire security aspect, the project was strongly focused around how to make Air Quality tangible and educate people about it’s impact.

We designed a Mobile App that helps people to keep track of their Indoor Air Quality even when they’re not at home and show them practical advice to improve it and live a healthier life.

My Contribution

My task spectrum in this project spanned across Design Research, Concept + Design and App development.

I was heavily involved in concept creation and creating the interaction design for the entire App. This includes lots of sketching and prototyping. Together with a Visual Designer, we created an extensive documentation for the developers and worked alongside them to bring the product to the market.

I worked on this project in 2015 – 2016.

Tools for Design & Collaboration

Sketch, Framer + Keynote for Prototyping, After Effects for animated graphics, Adobe PS & AI., Git, Confluence + Jira for Agile Development


The product is available on Amazon:

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