• Cover Family

    Quick Life Update & Recap of the first half of 2023

  • 2022 Yearly Review - Cover Image

    2022 in Review

  • June 2022 Digital nomad life update cover

    Welcome Back to Bulgaria – Digital Nomad Life Update June 2022

  • Portugal 2022 Lagos

    Moving from Porto to Portimao – Digital Nomad Life Update May 2022

  • January March Q1 2022 life update Cover

    January to March 2022 – Quarterly Life & Business Update

  • Food Porto Cover

    What and where to eat in Porto

  • interview bansko nick cover

    Interview with Nick from Digital Nomads on Fire

  • bansko panaroma september

    October to December 2021 – Life Update & Getting settled in Bansko Bulgaria

  • low carb experiment - meat and veggies - cover

    Going Low Carb for 2 months – Here is what it did to me

  • The 7 Laws of the Universe The Hermetic Principles cover

    The Hermetic Principles – The 7 Laws of the Universe

  • thank you vietnam cover

    Thank you vietnam – for hosting us during the pandemic

  • live update youtube cover

    Life & Youtube Channel Updates from Bansko

  • july september quarterly update

    July to September 2021 – Quarterly Life Update: Goodbye Vietnam

  • leaving vietnam during covid cover

    My Experience of Leaving Vietnam During Covid in a 📸 Photo Journal

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    Stuck in Vietnam…

  • q2 life update cover

    Vietnam Is Changing The Tune – Q2 2021 Life Update from Da Nang

  • Da Lat Cover

    4 Days in Da Lat Vietnam – 📸 Photo & Video Journal

  • January to march 2021 quarterly life update

    January to March 2021 – Quarterly Life & Business Update

  • Motorbike Trip Da Nang To Hue via Hai Van Pass

    3-Day Adventure From Da Nang to Hue by Motorbike – 📸 Photo & Video Journal

  • Startup vs lifestyle business

    Startup vs Lifestyle Business – Which One Is Healthier For You?

  • 2020 review cover

    2020 in Review – 2 Years of Traveling in South East Asia

  • sketch ideas quickly

    How To Sketch Your Ideas Quickly Using Just 4 Simple Shapes

  • the creative process

    The Creative Process – How to turn ideas into reality

  • how to be creative at work

    How To Be Creative At Work?

  • how to become more creative

    How To Become More Creative

  • Can creativity be learned

    Can Creativity Be Learned?

  • what is creativity

    What is Creativity?

  • Cham Island diving and swimming

    Diving and Snorkeling on Cham Island Vietnam 2020

  • september travel income report cover

    September 2020 Travel Report – Rainy Season has arrived in Da Nang

  • august travel income report cover

    August 2020 – Travel Report – Lockdown in Da Nang is OVER!!!

  • june travel income report cover

    July 2020 Travel Report – Back to Lockdown

  • apartment hunting danang 6 1

    Da Nang Luxury Apartment Tour 2020 – $650 per month

  • hoi an thumbnail

    Visiting Hoi An In 2020 During The Pandemic And Closed Borders

  • seafood grilled fish

    June 2020 – Travel & Income Report from Vietnam

  • may 2020 travel income report cover

    May 2020 – Travel & Income Report : Back in Da Nang

  • creative-netflix-documentaries

    10 Inspirational Netflix Documentaries and TV Shows To Boost Your Creativity

  • april 2020 cover

    April 2020 – Travel & Income Report: Back To The New Normal

  • covid thriving businesses

    What businesses are thriving during COVID-19?

  • grab bike

    What if Apps or Services can adapt to reflect political and economical changes?

  • apple logo

    Principles don’t change – Apple’s Marketing Philosophy from 1977

  • sa pa second day sunny

    March 2020 – Travel & Income Report : Life in isolation

  • positive side effect of corona

    10 Positive Side Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • hanoi nomad life 2020

    February 2020 – Travel & Income Report: Life in Hanoi

  • da nang dragon bridge

    January 2020 – Travel & Income Report: Life in Da Nang

  • find apartment in da nang

    How To Easily Find Apartments in Da Nang in 2021

  • what is creativity

    Why Creativity is the Most Important Skill of the Future

  • 2019 review digital nomad lifestyle

    2019 in Review – 12 Months Into The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • 15 side hustle ideas cover

    15 SIDE HUSTLE ideas for designers to make PASSIVE INCOME

  • december travel and income report scaled 1

    December 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • november 2019 travel income report

    November 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • what is the best business model for you

    How To Choose The Right Business Model That Works For You

  • koh lanta castaway resort sunset 1

    October 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • september 2019 cover

    September 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • august 2019 cover

    August 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • Thailand Cover

    Is Thailand still the best Country to start your Digital Nomad Journey in 2019?

  • malaysia visa run kuala lumpur

    Travel Protocol for Visa run to Malaysia from Chiang Mai

  • july 2019 report cover

    July 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • chiang mai rainy season june

    June 2019 – Travel & Expense Report

  • may 2019 cover ninh

    May 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • best time to drink coffee

    Sleep Hacking – What’s the best time to drink coffee?

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    April 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • hanoi church

    March 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • chiang mai life

    February 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • january 2019 travel report

    January 2019 – Travel & Income Report

  • december 2018 cover

    December 2018 – Portugal Travel Report

  • malaysia visa run skybar 1024x768 1

    You want to become location independent? Here is everything you need to know!

  • hospital outside

    Facing Adversity And How To Get Through Tough Times

  • love hate amazon fba

    My Love & Hate Relationship with Amazon FBA

  • develop entrepreneurial mindset

    How to develop a strong ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET


    How To Master Anything With The Concept Of Plus – Minus – Equal

  • how to become rich grant cardone

    The 8 STEPS to become a Millionaire – According to Grant Cardone

  • why multitasking destroys productivity header


  • homepage vinabrew

    Why it took me 2 years to release my first physical product

  • why I changed to a plant based diet

    Going VEGAN. Here is my PLANT BASED DIET journey after 9 months.

  • working on airplanes header

    How to maximize your Productivity on an Airplane

  • EF546204 E345 4CDA 803A 8F8DD24F1986

    10 common TRAITS of the most SUCCESSFUL people in history

  • chasing promotions 1

    Why you SHOULDN’T be chasing promotions for the sake of MONEY

  • ultimate guide vietnam cyclo

    The Ultimate Guide to Vietnam

  • only way to financial freedom

    Progress updates of my JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM

  • money is an idea 1

    How to develop a MONEY MINDSET

  • ninh 1 of 1 e1501348931914

    Turning 30! – Time to accelerate!

  • Why you need to be rich

    How To Develop The Mindset Of A Rich Person

  • hai ninh nguyen split

    What 20 Years Of Martial Arts Training Taught Me About Life & Business

  • mistakes to avoid for first business

    3 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your First Product

  • thailand for digital nomads and remote work 1

    3 Reasons Why Thailand Is The Best Country To Start Remote Working

  • 5 laws of successful business

    The 5 Laws Of A Successful Business

  • ChiangMai 5 1

    Thailand – Recommendations & Cost Breakdown For Newbies

  • sketchbook 1

    How To Become The Ultimate Idea Machine

  • glasses open 1

    How To Find A Manufacturer For Your Physical Product

  • physical product 1

    How To Prototype A Physical Product

  • sketchbook 1024x683 1

    How To Design A Physical Product

  • working at frog

    Freedom vs Security. The Pros and Cons and Why I quit my job.

  • what is a lifestyle business

    What is a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS and why it beats a STARTUP!

  • why designers should become entrepreneurs

    Why Designers Should Become Entrepreneurs – Here Are 5 Reasons

  • habit

    10 small habit changes for 2017 that will accelerate your health and happiness

  • danang

    2016 in Review

  • physical products

    Why Selling Physical Products Is Still A Good Idea In The Digital Era

  • vinabrew glasses

    My First Test Order Was (Partly) Successful!

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    The 4 Different Levels Of Entrepreneurship

  • worse designer

    Why Entrepreneurship Will Make You Become A Worse Designer