August 2020 – Travel Report – Lockdown in Da Nang is OVER!!!

I almost forgot how freedom tasted like. I’ve spent the last 6 weeks in Lockdown in Da Nang, Vietnam because of the latest COVID outbreak here. In this monthly update, I share how I spent my time, what I’ve learned and how things are developing currently in Vietnam in 2020.

  • Da Nang ended the Lockdown after 6 weeks
  • All foreigners in Da Nang got tested for COVID
  • I used the time in Lockdown to grow my e-com business and work on new products (Q4 is coming)
  • I created a new healthy morning routine with HIIT training
  • I started building a woo-commerce store
  • focusing on personal development is the best thing you can do during these times
  • My tourist visa is expiring soon and Vietnam reduces extensions from 3 to 1 months